Dutch Club Wellington




Join the Dutch Club Wellington to enjoy all the member benefits such as:

  • discounted and preferential access to club events;
  • receive a copy of the “Double Dutch” as soon as it is issued;
  • enjoy club prices on food and drinks in Avalon House;
  • access to the library.

You can become a member by filling in the membership form and submitting it on-line.

Alternatively you can fill in the fields below and submit the information after which we will contact you.

Membership fee

Our membership fee is a family membership including all children under 16 years of age. The fee differs depending on how you would like to receive your copy of our newsletter the “Double Dutch”.
Family membership
Paper copy $ 45.00 per year
Electronic copy $ 40.00 per year
Membership fees are due on the first of April each year and covers the following 12 month. Memberships starting after 1st October are discounted by 50%. You can pay your membership fee via electronic banking or in cash to any of our committee members.
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Account Number yyyyyyyyyy
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