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Join the Dutch Club Wellington to enjoy all the member benefits such as:

  • discounted and preferential access to club events;
  • receive a copy of the “Double Dutch” as soon as it is issued;
  • enjoy club prices on food and drinks in Avalon House;
  • access to the library.

You can become a member by filling in the membership form and submitting it on-line.

Alternatively you can keep up to date with what is going on at our club by becoming a friend of the Dutch Club Wellington.

Bennefits for friends are:

  • Early information on events;
  • priority access to club events over non-members;
  • access to the library.

If you would like to have more information, you can fill in the fields below and submit your question after which we will contact you.


Our club membership is a family membership which includes one or two adults and  all children under 16 years of age living at the same address.
We collect information and contact details of all family members for administration and identification purpose. All personal details will be kept and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy which you can view here.

Family membership
Paper copy$ 45.00 per year
Electronic copy$ 45.00 per year

Membership fees are due on the first of April each year and covers the following 12 month. Memberships starting after 1st October are discounted by 50%.

You can pay your membership fee via electronic banking or in cash to any of our committee members.

Bank details
Bank nameWestpac
Account Number03-0525-0098055-00

Please note that membership application will only be processed after we have received the membership fee in full.


Friends of the Dutch Club Wellington are kept informed about events and activities in an early stage giving them a head-start registering for these happenings.

Becoming a friend is completely free and very easy, just fill in your name and email address on the registration form which you find here and registration will be immediately by means of a reply email. Your name and contact details that we collect will be kept and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy that you can view here.

As a friend your email address is automatically added to the list of people that receive the previous version of our magazine Double Dutch.

Friends receive a $10 discount in the first year if they register as a member. Please indicate on the registration form and your discount will be applied immediately.

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