About the Dutch Club


70 Years ago, in 1948, a few Dutch people gathered together to form, what we now know as, the New Zealand Netherlands Society (Wellington) Inc. or Dutch Club Wellington. 

These early settlers were encouraged by both their old home country as well as their new home country to leave behind all cultural baggage and start afresh and become Kiwi’s / New Zealanders. 

And they did. Many of them assimilated well in their new home land. 

But whether it is family, language, memories of a home town, ethnic food and drinks or traditions, there is always a longing deep within that uniquely identifies as what we are: in this case “’Nederlanders”. 

It doesn’t matter; whether you are looking for a good conversation in Dutch, a chat with people from the same cultural background or something more tangible like Sinterklaas, limburgse vlaai, jonge jenever or drop. The Dutch club has the unique possibility and capability to keep alive the most important parts of the cultural heritage of “Dutchies” here in New Zealand. 

Are you interested in the history of the Dutch Club Wellington? You can download a pdf booklet full of historical snippets of the Dutch Club from 1948-2008.


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‘Gezelligheid en een bakje koffie’

The primary objective of our club is to find and enjoy each other’s company in a relaxing atmosphere with typical Dutch ‘gezelligheid’ and cultural traditions.

We are a non-profit organisation for people who have a Dutch connection, either through previous residency in the Netherlands, through their forefathers or through their partners. But the club is not exclusively for the Dutch. All are welcome to become members and make use of the legacy of the club that several generations of Dutch and others have created through hard work.

The club hosts several events and activities to celebrate this legacy. Our main annual events are King’s Day, Tulip Sunday, Leidens Ontzet and Sinterklaas and Christmas. Throughout the year we also have smaller events like Easter, and a New Years ‘borrel’ to name just a few.

On a more regular basis we host a weekly Social Sunday and a Wednesday Coffee morning on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. These are free for club members.

Check the schedule to find out what and when is happening at the club.


Unified by a love for all things Dutch.

Be it a kroket, a jonge klare, oliebollen at New Year, pepernoten at Sinterklaas, or a game of sjoelen, billiard or klaverjassen, you can enjoy our Dutch heritage and culture, which was once a long boat journey away, by becoming a member of the club and join us at our social events throughout the year.


Connecting through a shared motherland.

Each generation of immigrants brought with them fresh ideas about social interaction and assimilation. Over time boundaries have disappeared and distances have become smaller We are nowadays spoiled by a multitude of options to socialise, interact and entertain. The connection “Dutchies'‘ have, through a shared motherland, is something that can’t be replaced via the internet. Our club continues to host social events like regular coffee mornings and social Sunday afternoons. It’s through these events we keep the most important parts of our cultural heritage alive here in New Zealand. We also publish a bi-monthly magazine The Double Dutch.